What Happened

Donald J. Trump Was Elected To Be The Next President of The United States. It has now been shown that the Russians and Vladimir Putin worked together with hackers to help spread disinformation against Hillary Clinton to get himself elected. Remember when Trump said (numerous times) that he was going to win and win big? I guess he knew all along just how easy it was all going to be. All you needed was some great hackers and a good disinformation spreader with Wikileaks and Julian Assange to spread all the hacked and or purloined DNC documents to the public. This helped to push a narrative that Hillary Clinton and those who supported her were dishonest. We of course always believed this because it was sold to us on a silver platter by some of the best disinformation warriors on planet earth. But now we’ve begun to see that everything Trump told us, the working class people who went out and voted for him, was nothing but a lie. There are so many lies he has been caught at its hard to even keep track of them all. So now we see that draining the swamp was a lie, and that saving jobs was a lie, and that he will take credit for things he has never accomplished. The man is a serial liar and cannot be trusted to run our wonderful country.