What The Future Looks Like

The future under Trump looks like your worst nightmares coming to fruition. War, conflict, and hatred, all getting worse, while elite billionaires rape and pillage our beautiful country of all its natural resources. Our fathers fought and died for this country, and now it’s being sold to the highest lowest bidder. The United States will be run like a Russian fiefdom, with press freedoms trampled on, people being thrown into jail for the temerity to challenge those in power or in Trump’s inner circles. Russia will march right into the country with the blessing of those who will run it. They will be handed the keys to our land without as much as a whimper from patriots who fought and spilled blood for this wonderful country. If you agree with Russians invading our country wholesale with their leader in full charge of allowing them to destroy us wholesale, then OK, sign up for the world under Trump and enjoy what little is left of this country. If you believe as we do that Trump is not our president, then fighting him and his billionaire cronies is the next step for you. In the end what happens to our country is up to us.